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The Stick Punisher The Stick Punisher

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

interesting, showing some potential

I think this is a situation where the idea is good, but the implementation isn't good enough yet:

Using your camera to come up with a base animation on which to layer the action is a good idea.

Using stick figures (especially the crude ones you've used) is a bad idea. If you were to put some more effort into drawing the action, moving from stick figures to something more like real drawings, I think it would greatly improve this.

Don't apologize for the lighting: Use it to your advantage. Heck I would have darkened the space even more just to set a dark mood.

Also: Try to Use your entire Space, stretch the video (I'm pretty sure you can), Or cut down the size of the scene a bit.

Other suggestions: Cut your video up into sections and consider each chunk and the transitions.
You have 2 shots(sections) that span a gun shot. You might start with First sequence: Gun is raised, and just as the gun is fired, flash the screen for a frame, then second sequence show the muzzle flash drawing into the barrel

Time the Explosions with the Flash and then you will make the action seem more intense. Just think about any movie you watch. Explosions make the screen flash bright for a second. Gunfire is just a small explosion, from a distence it's no big deal, but upclose it's still impressive.

ColinMatthews responds:


Bednshop Showcase Bednshop Showcase

Rated 0 / 5 stars

Where's the content?

What's the point? I wasted 2 minutes of my life. This shows nothing: no overal theme, nothing particularly funny about the poorly edited images, the music is inconsequental to anything.... The is this thing called animation. Definition: Sequence of images that comprise a shots, each shot contains a small story which placed among many shots tells a story. Not only does this have no story, but none of these items have a point. Again, why did you waste my time.

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3-D Macarena Soldier 3-D Macarena Soldier

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I want your job...well maybe not.

It looks good, the animation is quite smooth, and the material is funny, that's sort of a golden oldy there.

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Create-a-deck v.2.0 Create-a-deck v.2.0

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

But what does it do?

It's an interesting concept, but, somethings to consider:

Seeing the board from one angle isn't very interesting, why not show it from different angles so a better idea of what the board looks like. (personally I don't care for skate boards, but I think even an enthusist would want to see more then just the one angle).

The file size is large, and without a preloader that's a bad bad thing. Try lowing the bitrate of the music and putting it mono only.

I don't know what you're using for the backgrounds but you could probably get away with compressing them a bit to save room.

Other then that, I think you have a good start one something.

Bout of Cuisine Bout of Cuisine

Rated 1 / 5 stars

Issues with timing

When I played I had a hard time keeping up with what was going on, and sometimes I would do anything, just start into a level and lose. Maybe some larger indicators for time might be needed. Or it's possible it's capturing keystrokes that are not happening? I dunno, but it's a great idea, I just found it hard to play (as in I wasn't sure why I was failing).

gotsyntax responds:

Thank you. This version will not be updated, but I will definently keep that in mind for the next.

Phil The Worm Phil The Worm

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Not bad, but some suggestions.

Well, The overall gameplay and composition is pretty good. There is some annoying sound that plays with (some event)that I wasn't able to find what caused it. The graphics are a bit crude, but not an overall problem. Some more time put in could significantly improve the visual and aural elements of this flash. The music was nice though.